Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A little birdie...

Yup, so far, just one!

Using this pattern: Spool Sewing

I have big plans - namely, a mobile. Also from a picture on that sight, using sticks and several of the stuffed birds.

Looking again, I see that they didn't stuff the tail of their birds, so next I might test one outthat way- for the first one though, I stuffed that sucker totally full! I don't mind plump little birdies! In any case, I plan on making this little guy some friends. Planning on sticking with a black/white and bright theme... maybe with white sticks? Hmmm
Why a mobile? Well... we're now officially 'trying' for #2! So, in efforts to be somewhat prepared, I'm starting to make stuff NOW- just neutral stuff. I didn't sew 7 years ago with kiddo #1, so I'm all excited about the possibilities now.


RG said...

Wow Tara...he's so cute!
I'm in the birdie making mood too!
Haven't tried one yet, but my turn is coming soon!
Can't wait to see your mobile too!
Really nice!
Robyn xx