Monday, January 19, 2009

Giving up....

Oh, I rarely give up on a quilt, but after several weeks of fighting with that Christmas-ish quilt mentioned a few posts below, I did!

For starters, I didn't receive the whole amount that I'd ordered of the backing fabric, so I used the pieced bit bordered by the wide back. The wide back was surprisingly thin, and stretchier than normal... a disappointment, but it was on sale, so I used it anyway- maybe my first mistake.

Anyway, after quilting 2 rows of feathery pattern, I decided that I didn't like it- so picked it out. Then picked out another half row of unsatisfactory quilting. After that, the backing was pretty stretched out, and I wasn't liking it. I quilted a bit, then cut it up.

It's not a total failure, though. I have big plans to turn it into Christmas stockings for small gifts next year. I guess it isn't really giving up, just 'repurposing'!

Moving on to the next UFO now!