Monday, January 26, 2009

Last Diaper Bag post...

Because it is DONE!

I added 4 large open pockets to the lining, but wanted to leave most of it open space. Lining is also interfaced for stability.

I've got plans to do a few more of these as gifts for expectant mothers, and will probably pack them with baby lotions and soaps and such.
So, would anyone be interested in the pattern? Since I'll be doing it a few more times, I can write down what I do and take pictures...


Regina said...

Hi Tara!
Love the bag. I would like to know how to make one.
Regina (QATW)

Robyn said...

You betcha!!
I think it's great and even though i am not having way! *giggle* It's such a great gift idea!
You go girl!
Robyn xx

Jackie Russell said...

Cute bag! I would love to know how you are making them.

Treasa said...

Great bag. I would be interested in the pattern. I need 3 baby shower gifts this spring. :)