Thursday, January 8, 2009

It went like this....

Week before Christmas: Lots of cookies! Cub Scout party, school party, and break began!

Christmas: Presents out the wazoo! We took a year off from traveling cross-country, and stayed home. Just the three of us + pet- totally relaxing, and worth the cost of shipping presents to extended family!

Then came the company! Picked up a friend and her son locally on the 29th, then the next day, took off down to the coast to pick up another friend! I love having friends that travel to US!
New Year's Eve: more company! I'll let you guess which pic started the night and which ended it haha!
Post New Years: still have company! A bit of hanging out, took the kiddos to the Army Aviation Museum- Matt always loves it. Oh yeah, and on the 3rd, Matt's 7th birthday party- MORE company!

This week: Basketball season kicked off in full swing Monday with kiddo's first game! They lost, but had a blast! Tuesday and Wednesday were spent making return airport runs and getting the company off on their merry way. Now I'm helping my house recover from a week's worth of twice as many people, and enjoying the quiet!

Obviously, I am in SERIOUS need of some quilty goodness!!!