Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some sewing! FINALLY!

You might remember this quilt from a bit back... it's finally finished! It has been quilted (loopy meander), bound, washed and is all ready to be gifted for Christmas- yay! It's a good couch/chair size, so I think it should be enjoyed regularly.

I've also been working on new stockings... nothing fancy- solid front, solid back, and fleece lined. They're a bit plain, but pretty big as far as a stocking goes, so I can fit a lot in there- which I'm sure will please kiddo. I have two more to do for the hubby and myself, and then some sort of name labels, but I haven't quite figured out how I want to do that yet.

I've been working on other things too- mostly matching pajama pants for the family for Christmas morning! The two kiddo pants are done except for elastic, which I need to run out and buy today and then I need to whip up some for hubby and I. Hubby isn't thrilled about the idea or the fabric chosen, but he'll suffer through one morning for the sake of some adorable pictures :D

Also, I need to work on the tree skirt that my sister has requested for Christmas. I have a set of blocks ready to go for it, just need to cut and get that into a tree skirt shape so it can be quilted and finished off. It probably won't take too long once I actually get around to it, but at a little over 9 months pregnant, my motivation is seriously lacking!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another annoying 'I'm alive!' post...

But better things will be coming! I just need to take pictures of them first (them being a finish, and kiddo's Christmas pajama pants!)

As a filler, here is a picture of kiddo that I took while out playing with a new camera lens... and it portrays everything about this kid LOL

On other fronts- still pregnant, for a few more weeks (although I am full term now, so anytime is good to head on out there baby!) I need to work on my sister's tree skirt for Christmas, but I think everyone else will just get non-quilty presents- so I guess I should get to thinking about that!

Tomorrow's goal is pictures of sewing things for the blog- wish me luck!