Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh my...

I feel Christmas sneaking up on me!

The above lap quilt is done (and really not quite so wonky, but I was too lazy to de-wrinkle it before picture time). This is another of the Christmas presents done, and ready to be shipped with a few of the others- well, they'll be ready to ship once one more lap quilt is done!

I have 2 lap quilts left to finish, and I REALLY need to be working on those, but I have nooooo motivation... at all! I wander into my sewing room (hmm... maybe I should start calling it my 'studio') and look at everything, and leave without doing anything! Well, I'll take that back, I did just make a pincushion. I didn't need a pincushion. I didn't particularly desire a new pincushion. I don't even USE pincushions. But I had a glimpse of an idea... and some fabric... and time to waste... I'm not a huge fan of the way it turned out, but I like the shape (a fluffy box/mattress!) and I'm sure I could do it up pretty in other fabrics... Hmm... more thoughts taking shape, but probably not enough motivation to do anything about it!


Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Beautiful quilt; and the pincushion is cute too. I like the ticking stripes.

RG said...

Gosh you're funny Tara!!
You sound so much like me right now.
I fight with myself everytime I walk into my sewing room and occasionally I get stuff done...occasionally...but I don't often 'feeel' like it though.
Maybe we'll find our 'creativity' again.
I love what you've done :o)
You've got a finish...that's awesome!
Rob xx