Thursday, October 23, 2008

Such a slacker...

It's been awhile!

We've been busy here- field trip, Cub Scout campout, a weekend visit from the hubby, out of state family down for a week, frant

As far as projects go, a few updates- the scrappy rug is scrapped... for now, until I can learn to crochet correctly. The crazy brown/blue quilt is done, but I have yet to get a picture of it in it's finished form. This means though, that I only have TWO lap quilts to finish in November to be ready for Christmas- go me!

A few pics from the last couple weeks:

(me, kiddo, and a 50 lb python... good stuff!)

(he LOVED this baby deer!)

(so... it's a good thing we don't keep flint around the house!)

(Matt shooting a BB gun at Akela Camp... 46/50- go Mr Sniper Matt!)

(Matt's bath/Jedi robe- first attempt at making a costume- simple but he loves it!)