Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back in the saddle!

Ok, I'm not yet... not as of today, but tomorrow is the day! I WILL SEW TOMORROW! Something... anything!

I have one lap quilt that needs ONE border in order to be a top and get loaded and quilted. I could go super simple, or I could go a little less simple. I have a few ideas in my head though, so the goal tomorrow is to get that border done and get that sucker loaded up on Nora's frame. (Nora is my purple FunQuilter- she and I get along well!)

I also have a few stacks of ooooold swap blocks that will be my last Christmas gift for the year. The FIL will be getting a lap quilt to keep in his truck when he's out on the road. I haven't decided yet which stack of blocks will be his, but maybe while I'm finishing up the other top tomorrow, I can figure that out as well.

But... TOMORROW I will quilt, or sew something quilt related- I promise myself!