Sunday, November 30, 2008

The most Wonderful time of the year!

Ahh, yes- the time when I get to break out the Christmas trees and say hello to all my favorite ornaments! We don't do themes so much, but have a pretty ecclectic mix of ornaments. I will admit though, that I'm slowly collecting more and more of the Jim Shore ornaments, and I'm thinking they'd make a tree awfully pretty all on their own!

A few pics to share of just some of my favorite (ok, they're really all my faves, but I won't bore you with that many pics!):

(chubby Santa made his way home with me from a Chinese gift exchange in Germany... I believe he came from Poland! Quite the traveler :P )

I'll try and get more tree pics as they go up (the three small ones)... I love torturing hubby with the PINK tree!