Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Project for the day...

Out of total boredom (it was a dreary, rainy day) and wanting something to do... I came up with a new project for the day... quilted cards! Ahh, finally, something to do with all those blank cards that I bought on a whim... Well, something besides letting kiddo color all over them!
(scraps from a current baby quilt project)

(scraps from recent QOVs)

(scraps of Amy Butler's Lotus fabrics from various projects)

P.S... I also got bored and am currently experimenting with Etsy! In the right hand nav, you can find a link to my Etsy store where all these notecard sets are currently listed.


Infinity Quilter said...

Cool postcards. The QOV Round Robin will be headed your way soon (hopefully tomorrow) so you'll have a little something to do! ;0)

Robyn said...

They are cool cards indeed.
Very neat Tara :c)
Now I'm off to have a look at your Etsy shop :p

Rob xx