Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We're still kicking...

And summer vacation is almost over!

Tomorrow is Matt's 1st day of 1st grade, and we're both pretty excited! In preparation, we bought new socks today, and Matt got a hair cut. With gel, we can form a mohawk, which he says totally rocks, and ... if the school doesn't like mohawks, we can comb it down into a normal haircut- dual duty!

Quilting has been taking a back seat, but I've got big plans for this afternoon to load a group QOV that a friend mailed onto the frame and get that ready to go!

I think I'm going to make plans to gift quilts for Christmas this year, at least to the people who will appreciate them (the ones who won't, can get generic, unthoughtful store bought gifts b/c I'm not wasting all that time and creativity!) Our plans for Christmas are to stay home this year, and celebrate here in our first house! As far as I know, no family will be here then, though some might be here end of Nov-early Dec for an early celebration... yes- I like to plan ahead LOL! Crap... which reminds me- my mom wants a tree skirt made before Christmas... guess I should work on that sometime!