Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just a little bit of sewing...

These pants are from Weekend Sewing . The book is AWESOME! So many neat little things to make in there!

At some point I might have to try the baby kimono.... because it looks like we're going to have a little one to dress and cuddle and wrap in tiny quilts in approximately 8 more months!!!

Anyway... thought I'd sneak that happy news in there, but the real reason for the post was to show off M's new jammie pants! We have plans to make Mommy (me!) some matching sleep shorts, but for some reason Daddy wants nothing to do with pj bottoms made out of monkey flannel... what a party pooper!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's on the design wall...

Well, the pink baby quilt was bound and finished this morning so I got to work on a few other things!

The project on the left is being made from a charm pack and pack of 2 1/2" strips that I picked up on sale at the fabric store last month. Right now I'm thinking that it will end up being a Christmas gift for my mom - I like to plan ahead!

On the right are some of the blocks for a quilt called Rick Rack Road... this was in a magazine (which one is escaping my mind right now!) about a year and a half or so ago. I even started it then, but triangles are tedious and I just found it on my table yesterday. I have about 1/3 of the 155 ish squares sewn... Maybe I'll just make it a goal to do a small stack of these each time I sit down at the machine.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Another finish! (almost!)

The fabrics for this baby quilt (approx. 40 inches square) are from the rest of the same Layer Cake that I used for the last baby quilt. I used the same block, but fewer of them and mixed with solid fabric blocks. It's very busy, but I've noticed lately that my quilts tend to turn out that way... I must be going through an anti background fabric phase!

The backing came from my stash... it was one of those pieces that was bought 'just in case'... Luckily I had just enough of it to back this. And I do mean JUST enough- I ended up trimming 1-2 inches of backing off of each side, and I had to sew scrap strips onto 2 sides to make room for the tension clamps on my quilting frame!

Just another view of the backing... I like when I can actually capture the texture of the quilting in a photo. I freehand quilted it in my all over floral pattern, and threw in a few swirlies for filler and extra fun.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Such a Slacker!

Yes... I am such a slacker... I'd love to say we've been busy, but we haven't really. I just haven't had much to post about!

I haven't finished any more quilty projects lately, but I've got plans... ahhh, plans haha. One more baby quilt top is ready, and backing is dug out. I need to get that loaded and finished- maybe tomorrow (today is semi-busy with lunch with son at school, and then home to mow). I really want to work on a UFO and finish at least one of those! I have one that is all cut, squares are stacked. Just a ton of HST type squares to sew, and then into strips- it isn't a difficult project, but again, I've been slacking!

We have done a few things. Last Saturday was spent shopping and hanging out with friends in Destin, then home to bbq with a few other friends.

(Go-karting... yes, they got me on one of those...)

(Matt at Fudpucker's goofing off)

On another note, my desire for planning WAY in advance has kicked in since we've decided to start trying for baby #2. Hubby collected some of Matt's old baby things when he was training in MO and brought them home. This was Matt's swing when he was a baby... and why were baby things soooo ugly back then? I know newer swings are smaller and cooler, but this one still works, so... it just needed a little updating. The old cushion got torn apart and used as a pattern for a new cushion.
This is the new cushion... works for now, but you bet if we end up pregnant and having a baby girl, another PINK one will be made LOL. Not a bad transformation for 3$ in clearance fabric and an hour of my time :D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Go figure!

So today we had a shipment of baggage delivered... 2 years late! Apparantly it was some of hubby's things that were in Iraq when he was hurt (way back Jan 28, 2007) but somehow never made it back to him in Germany. Another country and 2 houses later, it finds us. Obviously it's stuff we haven't been missing, though there might just be a quilt in there that never made it home from Iraq!

What a testament to the Army way of life.... from the middle east to Alabama, and just over 2 years late!

Friday, March 6, 2009

A springy urge...

Oh, it's warming up!!! After the rare southern Alabama snow flurries last Sunday, we're now reaching around 80 degrees in the afternoons.... which means it's time to start thinking about summer clothes... ick...

Unfortunately for the people that live in this area, I've decided to wear shorts this summer... I know, I know- not that big of a deal... but living in Germany, I didn't so much wear shorts- especially the last summer we were there (it was freezing!).... and so last summer, I stuck to my jeans routine again... and nearly died LOL! I was thoughtful enough to at least grab some self tanner in my shopping yesterday- I am not that cruel.

So I broke down... I now OWN 2 prs of shorts courtesy of Old Navy... and I have an urge to make a skirt! I do love breezy skirts in the summer, so easy to just pull on and throw on a tank or tee, and be done with it.... I might not be fashionable, but I am oh so comfy... now, what fabric do I have in large enough quantities to be turned into a skirt????