Friday, March 6, 2009

A springy urge...

Oh, it's warming up!!! After the rare southern Alabama snow flurries last Sunday, we're now reaching around 80 degrees in the afternoons.... which means it's time to start thinking about summer clothes... ick...

Unfortunately for the people that live in this area, I've decided to wear shorts this summer... I know, I know- not that big of a deal... but living in Germany, I didn't so much wear shorts- especially the last summer we were there (it was freezing!).... and so last summer, I stuck to my jeans routine again... and nearly died LOL! I was thoughtful enough to at least grab some self tanner in my shopping yesterday- I am not that cruel.

So I broke down... I now OWN 2 prs of shorts courtesy of Old Navy... and I have an urge to make a skirt! I do love breezy skirts in the summer, so easy to just pull on and throw on a tank or tee, and be done with it.... I might not be fashionable, but I am oh so comfy... now, what fabric do I have in large enough quantities to be turned into a skirt????


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