Friday, March 20, 2009

Another finish! (almost!)

The fabrics for this baby quilt (approx. 40 inches square) are from the rest of the same Layer Cake that I used for the last baby quilt. I used the same block, but fewer of them and mixed with solid fabric blocks. It's very busy, but I've noticed lately that my quilts tend to turn out that way... I must be going through an anti background fabric phase!

The backing came from my stash... it was one of those pieces that was bought 'just in case'... Luckily I had just enough of it to back this. And I do mean JUST enough- I ended up trimming 1-2 inches of backing off of each side, and I had to sew scrap strips onto 2 sides to make room for the tension clamps on my quilting frame!

Just another view of the backing... I like when I can actually capture the texture of the quilting in a photo. I freehand quilted it in my all over floral pattern, and threw in a few swirlies for filler and extra fun.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

This quilt is so pretty, Tara.