Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family Time....

Yesterday included a bit of family bonding... at the local range. Yeah- we fit in just fine here in southern Alabama!

Lots of shooting happened since I had my camera, and hubby needed to sight in his rifle for deer season. Loads of fun, even if it wasn't your typical family Saturday.

I also managed to get a bit of sewing in yesterday morning, and a little more today (so far, plannign on doing more here in just a few minutes!). I found a few random charm packs that had been lonely in my closet for way too long, so am working on a smallish wallhanging for the empty spot on the dining room wall. Hoping to get the top done today, and maybe a backing for a lap quilt since Christmas is quickly approaching! Pics of quilty things to follow....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Life in General...

Oh, it's been rough lately! The hubby AND the kid both managed to come down with a flu-ey illness in the last two weeks. And by that, I mean, hubby had it- kiddo had it, then hubby had it again. I must have an awesome immune system (yay! and knock on wood...)

So quilting has been on the back burner... blah. I've got projects in mind, and I even played with some quilt blocks made out of new fabrics, but so far- nothing that I want to stick with, so I guess more playing is in order! Plans today include buying more batting and at least quilting on something where a top is already done (ok, well, after I make some backings, another blah).

Hopefully soon I'll get back into the sewing swing of things before I'm derailed again in approximately 7 weeks!

Here's a bit of sunshine though- I found these growing along the side of our street a week or two ago, and thought playing with the camera was enough fun!