Thursday, October 15, 2009

Life in General...

Oh, it's been rough lately! The hubby AND the kid both managed to come down with a flu-ey illness in the last two weeks. And by that, I mean, hubby had it- kiddo had it, then hubby had it again. I must have an awesome immune system (yay! and knock on wood...)

So quilting has been on the back burner... blah. I've got projects in mind, and I even played with some quilt blocks made out of new fabrics, but so far- nothing that I want to stick with, so I guess more playing is in order! Plans today include buying more batting and at least quilting on something where a top is already done (ok, well, after I make some backings, another blah).

Hopefully soon I'll get back into the sewing swing of things before I'm derailed again in approximately 7 weeks!

Here's a bit of sunshine though- I found these growing along the side of our street a week or two ago, and thought playing with the camera was enough fun!