Thursday, October 23, 2008

Such a slacker...

It's been awhile!

We've been busy here- field trip, Cub Scout campout, a weekend visit from the hubby, out of state family down for a week, frant

As far as projects go, a few updates- the scrappy rug is scrapped... for now, until I can learn to crochet correctly. The crazy brown/blue quilt is done, but I have yet to get a picture of it in it's finished form. This means though, that I only have TWO lap quilts to finish in November to be ready for Christmas- go me!

A few pics from the last couple weeks:

(me, kiddo, and a 50 lb python... good stuff!)

(he LOVED this baby deer!)

(so... it's a good thing we don't keep flint around the house!)

(Matt shooting a BB gun at Akela Camp... 46/50- go Mr Sniper Matt!)

(Matt's bath/Jedi robe- first attempt at making a costume- simple but he loves it!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Currently working on...

1. Binding on the blue/cream crazy lap quilt. Just have to flip and iron, and topstitch the front down.

2. A rag rug, from leftover fabric strips and extra binding pieces. Currently this size:
It will end up a cirle, beacuse I don't know how to crochet any other shape (except a chain, and that would make a horrible rug!). Truthfully, I hardly know how to crochet at all, but it's holding up so far haha! I'd like to make it big enough to go side to side ... so this will probably get finished about the time the Army makes us move and we have to sell the house! And, just to make you lose your lunch, here's a close up of the true ugliness... ahh, loves it!

3. To be fair, this is done, and even has a matching checkbook cover from the blue fabric. I used an Amy Butler pattern, Frenchie bags, for the tote. Viola! Another Christmas present checked off the list!

Fabric, fabric, fabric!

Overdue picture...

Of the previously mentioned bike riding! He's since upgraded the bigger, 20" tire bike, but for some reason, I haven't taken pics of that yet- oops!