Sunday, June 1, 2008

Well it's Official...

I am a HORRIBLE blogger! So horrible in fact, that I forgot how to get to my blog and had to just spend 15 minutes resetting various passwords to get in here- oops!

So, basically, I started off the year planning to use this place to keep track of my quilty progress and life, and then forgot about it... so goes my life it seems. We've had LOTS of changes since the beginning of the year!

Jan and Feb were nice and normal, nothing out of the ordinary too much. In March, my new midarm and frame- a Nolting Fun quilter (purple, thanks much!) and Hinterberg stretch frame- were delivered and set up. Sadly, I haven't gotten to play on them as much as I would have liked, but I have managed to get 3 quilts done on them so far, with lots of near completed tops to be done in the future! The thing that really got in the way of quilting so far this year though, was house hunting! And then moving... again... and then the unpacking... again- ick! But we're finally mostly settled in, minus some minor work (redoing a bathroom- just cosmetics, and yard work, and putting up a fence).

Other changes: Matt has now completed kindergarten! He ended the year with wonderful grades (as far as grading kindergarten goes - all Ms and Es) So, now we're officially parents of a FIRST grader- man, that makes me feel ooooooold! We've also added to the family... with the death of Matt's beta, Mr. Fishy, in March, Matt decided that we needed to replace a fish with a CAT! Big adjustment for the hubby, who is a self professed feline hater... but he's warmed up. So now, instead of having 2 people, and 2 dogs in bed at night, we also have added a cat some nights (though usually Coby chooses to sleep on the dining room table).

I promise to try and be a better blogger!!!!


Robyn said...

ha ha you crack me up! lol
I likey your's pretty :c)