Sunday, June 1, 2008

2008 Quilts - to June 1

Finish #1- completed in early March... center came from an online group's round robin a few years back... I took off some outer borders to make it baby size... was a practice piece for the midarm. Not the best stitching, but it works... sitting on the closet floor LOL!

Finish #2 - completed mid-March. Basket UFO from a few years ago, top was completed in Germany. 2nd on the midarm, stitching improved some... good enough to hang on the living room wall! Pic was before binding, but the binding fab is the same as the border fab, so no difference really.
Finish #3- Quilt of Valor from online group. A few ladies contributed blocks, then I made a few more to have enough... I set it and quilted it. I'm horrible and it's still sitting here in a box, all ready to be mailed out! (Going to get to that this week!)
New project- Individual challenge from online group. We each started with our own orphan block, and get a new 'challenge' every month for the next border! I still need to sew that last border together and to the rest of the quilt!


Alycia said...

Very Nice quilts! Some soldier will love that Quilt of Valor. Have a great one

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Beautiful, beautiful quilts.

FeatherDuster said...

Everything you do is so nice. I love that farm quilt :-)