Monday, March 29, 2010

Maybe I should change the name...

of the blog to 'Tara Slacks Off...' SORRY!

But I'm sure most of you realize how an infant cuts into sewing time, and boy does it! But I still sneak in bits here and there. Mostly on Tuesdays- a small group of friends has been coming over most Tuesdays and my dining room turns into my own personal little sweatshop (except, you know- they take the finished items home LOL)

This is something I finished yesterday! The blocks are still leftover from the same project as the last baby quilt (2 posts down). The pink chair is a TJ Maxx find and was too adorable to pass up- and since I have a girl now, I'm justified... except for the fact that she doesn't sit up on her own yet, but we'll get there (right?) :D

And Target is my new favorite fabric source! A $7.99 flat sheet will back TWO baby quilts-- so much cheaper than a trip to the quilt shop, and it's a good weight for it. Hubby sometimes loves my odd purchases.

Friday, March 5, 2010

nook Cover - Part 2

BUT- I think I actually like this one! The other (post below) was a little bit too tight although you can't tell in the pictures, and I had to take it out of the pocket to get to the touch screen. This one is working out much better, but I had originally done the pocket again, realized that THAT was what I wasn't liking, and un-sewed a bit and put in the corner things on the bottom as well.... WHEW- 2 days gone figuring out how I wanted this thing, but it's done and usable now! And, I can acess all buttons, screens, and even the charging port without removing it from the cover, yay!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mini Project

So we stopped by the bookstore the other night for hubby to grab a book, and I came home with a nook! Naturally, it needed a cover, so I whipped this up yesterday. It serves the purpose, but I think I want to do another and make a few changes... (note to self: STOP using 'good' fabric on the first attempt at making things with no pattern!)