Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finally- finished product(s)!

I almost forgot how nice it feels to get something DONE! This top has been done since right before the baby was born. I managed to load it onto my frame a few days ago, and by quilting 15 minutes here and there, I got it done. I put the binding on this morning, and voila!

I made this adorable tutu today too! It's a little big for Addy right now (she is only 2 months old... LOL), but I have a feeling it will be perfect right around her first Halloween! Thanks to the fabric clearance at our local WalMart, the tulle was only 58cents a yard. I think this took around 2 yards, cut into 4 inch strips, then cut down into about 15 inch lengths. I had seen this tutorial in various forms around the web for a few years, and finally have a little girl to make one for... ahh, patience...