Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby pictures!

Not that any one cares too much, but I like her, so you all get to see her!

I'm still not back to where I have time to quilt, but am trying my best to be patient about it... all in good time! And in the meantime, ideas are forming in my head :D
I'm also hoping this little one grows up to be a sewer, and in anticipation, I've started hitting the remnant fabric bin every time I'm at WalMart! She won't care about quality, and if nothing else, it'll be fun for her to toss around the house when she's a bit older. Matt has no interest in sewing or quilting (all boy there!) so I have to get at least one of my kids interested at some point.


Jackie Russell said...

Cute baby! I see sewing potental there. Did you knit the hat and blanket?

TaraJ said...

No, I didn't... I have absolutely no talent with yarn LOL