Friday, August 14, 2009

It's the MOST Wonderful Time... of the year (cue Christmas melodies!)

Nope, I'm not in a holiday mood just yet, but SCHOOL STARTED!!! (which is almost as good in my book!)

Matt is now a proud 2nd grader, settling in with his new teacher. No homework so far, so he's mostly a happy kid.

Matt has also inherited his dad's digital camera (well, they share, but if you ask Matt- it's his!). Apparantly he has learned the 'fine art' of MySpace type self-photography... I was so cracked up when I went through his camera this morning!

Most of his other pics are things like the cat, dogs and something he was watching on tv or elaborate scenes set up with his toys.

In other news... Mommy has a new camera too! With the recommendations of a few friends, I've managed to upgrade to a basic digital SLR... now to learn how to use the thing... Positive side note: I may not know much about settings on the camera, but the strap is now covered in a cute cute Amy Butler fabric, so at least I'll look good learning!