Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Top!

So, it's absolutely not the one I was thinking of last week... I still haven't figured out quite what to do on that one (black and white prints with bright tone-on-tones).

BUT- I did find a jelly roll in my sewing room closet! It's Moda's Chutes and Ladders line (at least a year old because I'm pretty sure we lived at the other house when I bought it) and it needed something done with it. So I seperated out the pinks/purples from the rest and added a few stash fabrics.

This is the end result! The colors in this picture are washed out some, too much sunlight and I was too lazy to move it to a different spot on the floor, but you get the idea. The applique shapes are sort of just larger versions of the print on the smaller 4 patches. All the applique was done raw edged so it will fuzz up nicely after a few washes!

(and I still need to do something with those other colors... hmmm)