Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We've been BUSY!

And sick... well I've been sick. Morning sickness is the pits- especially when it comes at a different time every day and I can't even plan around it!

Matt and I spent most of last week at Scout Camp. He was on spring break and since he was attending camp, I volunteered. I did lots of things that aren't really MY style- fishing, hiking, sports in the woods... I shudder LOL. But Matt had a total blast, so it was worth it!

Hopefully things will settle down soon, and I can get back to some sewing :D


RG said...

Oh Tara...where have I been??
I didn't know you were expecting :O
Congratulations to you all... this is so exciting! :D
Sounds like you all had a blast at Scout camp.
Keep well.
Robyn xx