Friday, December 19, 2008

A non-quilty project...

Ok... not the greatest picture of what I'm doing, but sort of... Can you pick out that HORRID striped wallpaper above the tub in this pic? Yup... GONE! Now, see that really awful linoleum flooring? In the process of being ripped out!

Although at the rate I'm going, it may be another month before the bathroom is finished, I am excited to say that my walls are now a pumkiny orange paint color, and (since hubby is out of town for the weekend) I'm currently pulling up the floor. Kiddo and I will go pick up new flooring tonight, and hopefully I'll have a new bathroom by the end of the weekend! Then, I can easily paint trim next week.

Ahhhh, hooray for no more ugly bathroom!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Impatiently waiting

On my backing... for the below Christmas quilt! I'm really hoping it makes it today, I want to get this sucker loaded. Have big plans to practice feathers on it, so I'm hoping that turns out well, but at least it's a busy top in case it doesn't... haha!

Other than that, I still have a quilt on the wall that needs assembled, and then I need to find a border fabric for it, or figure out some type of border. Still a bin of UFOs in the closet too... I think for 2009 I'll tackle those!

Merry Christmas to all! Tomorrow is kiddo's last day before the break, and we have several old friends flying in over the holidays, so I doubt much quilting will get done.

***Update... stupid store only sent half of the backing I'd ordered, so instead of using a solid piece like I was hoping, guess I WILL have to use the leftover pieced backing and border it with what they did send... super GRRRRR!***

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another post with *Christmas* in the title... Why not?

At least this one is quilt related!

This top, the center, was pieced a few years/houses ago. It was done up in the Yellow Brick Road pattern (I think, memory fails sometimes!). Since Germany, it's been packed up in the UFO bin... until a few days ago!

I dug out the extra yardage that I had bought when the line came out (Moda's Maison de Noel), and I had some fat quarters leftover that weren't used in the top or anything since then.

So, it got borders. And then I thought I'd make a pieced backing, but it ended up with too many seams, so I think it's just going to end up as some kooky, odd, practice piece wallhanging! But now, I still need a backing for the lap quilt, AND now one for the other!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

In the mood (a Christmas-y mood that is!)

I've been listening to this album all weekend:

I so love it! You can't go wrong with an album full of women singing Christmas songs. Unfortunately, you'll have to download it somewhere or go buy it to hear the full songs, but at least the preview gives you an idea.

Christmas presents are DONE!

Yup, this is it! The last present... ahhh. Just the simple piece of fleece and a 1/2" binding... works for me!

And... some stash photos. These will become something at some point, though I'm not sure just what yet! Ok, well obviously that bottom pic will be something Christmas-y!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tag! I'm it....

Robyn has tagged me, so... .here goes!

The rules to play TAG are these: ~ Post a link to the blog that challenged you and add these rules to your post:
~ Share 7 things about yourself~ Challenge 7 other blogs at the end of your post through naming their blog and post a link to it.
~ Let them know they're been challenged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Things about me:

1) I've been an Army wife for almost 9 years now... that means 4 duty stations (2 in country, 2 overseas) and we're on our 6th home... and our son- in 1st grade- is on his 3rd school!
2) I taught myself how to quilt right after our son was born... with cardboard templates... ick!
3) I'm short... 5'2".... yet I'm also taller than my mother and grandmother.
4) At one point I had 9 body piercings... down to just 3 now (ears and nose)
5) I have one tattoo... and it hurt like crazy so I have NO plans for anymore- EVER!
6) I have a thing for Christmas trees, and we have 4 artificial ones. So far I only have 2 up this year.
7) I married hubby at the ripe old age of 17... before I graduated HS

I'm skipping the tagging people part, but if you want to play along- go ahead!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Come out, Come out!

Wherever you are!

I seem to average about 5-8 blog views a day - not many, but I'm not putting it out there or anything.

However, when- out of boredom- I checked my map/visitor counter, it seems that there were approximately 40 visitors yesterday.... who are you guys? LOL

Post a comment and say HI! if you're reading :P