Sunday, September 7, 2008

More small stuff...

I haven't been too movitvated to work on large projects lately, but I'm going to HAVE to work myself out of that funk and get started on Christmas!!!!

Last night I did some simple embroidery while watching Transformers (again) with Matt, and dressed up a little canvas tote. I got the totes in the craft section at WalMart for 5$ / 3 and figured they'd be a good little start to using my own grocery sacs! But, plain canvas totes are pretty plain and ugly, so....

And this morning, I was in the mood for another small project, so decided to try out a checkbook cover (pattern from ). There may be some people out there who are past checks, but I still use them on a fairly regular basis since a good part of my bills go to departments who aren't neccassarly caught up with technology (blame being in Southern Alabama maybe?!?)

It turned out cute enough, but Ithink I'll just use a plain fabric for the lining next time... no point in wasting the pretty stuff when you can barely see it!

Now, I'm going to have to get myself motivated for Christmas projects... so far I have in mind

*wall quilt (top about half done)
*3 lap quilts (going to use swap blocks for these I think, so that should make it a lot easier)
*maybe a few tote bags? stockings? not sure yet...